Imel's French Journal 2005

  • Part one (Paris): five days in Paris, seeing its highlights and spending time with our good friend Viisti from Australia, whom we hadn't seen for three years. Together we went to Versailles and saw a great fireworks performance at La Villette. In the following few days we saw Louvre, Champs Elysées, Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Mont Martre, Moulin Rouge and Mont Parnasse.
  • Part two (Rennes, Mont Saint Michel, Nantes): From Paris we took TGV to Rennes, where we met our new friend from the airplane - Laurent. We took a side-trip to Mont Saint Michel and then we went to Nantes to see another friend of ours Yoko and her husband-to-be Arnold, attend their wedding ceremony and participate on a big French wedding reception with lots of singing and delicious food:-P!
  • Route: Well, we didn't really travel THAT extensively to produce a route map, but c'mon, we have similar routes for all other countries, so it's here just support some sense of uniformity:-)


Lots of pictures, separated in daily batches, subdivided into chapters, with comments...


Magyal en France 2006/7

Maďalův blog z Francie z Lyonu, kde studoval architekturu (2006/2007). Doporučuji všem, kteří se zajímají o to, jak přežít s minimálními náklady:-)